Social Media Screening for Intelligent Hiring

TV Office characters who would fail social media background checks

A few months ago, our friends over at Sterling Talent Solutions wrote a blog post about movie characters and employment. They specifically focused on characters who should have undergone an employment background check. Remember Jack Black’s character in School of Rock? He was somehow able to get a job as a substitute teacher while impersonating… Read more »

Join us for a webinar on Social Media Background Checks

Sterling Talent Solutions, one of our partners, will host a webinar about Social Media Background Checks next week. The event takes place at 2:00 PM EST on Thursday, August 10th. We’re excited to announce that Social Intel’s president, Bianca Lager, will be co-presenting during the hour-long webinar. Make sure to register now so that you can… Read more »

Recent trends in employment background screening

Did you know that Sterling Talent Solutions is one of our partners? Sterling offers a whole suite of employment background screening products, including everything from criminal checks, to credit reports, in addition to our social media hiring reports. They recently published a report on 2017 Background Screening Trends containing insightful industry information. Here’s a recap of the… Read more »

Have you considered using social media screening in the workplace?

One of our partners, Sterling Talent Solutions, recently published a blog post about social media screening. Their post breaks down some of the potential risks of using social media during the hiring process. They also discuss ways of mitigating those risks. It is well worth the read, but here are a few highlights: Social media is… Read more »