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Have question about social media background screening?
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How long do reports take?

Once a report order is initiated, our proprietary software performs a digital footprint investigation of your candidate locating user-generated, publicly available content. After sourcing the entire Internet–not just a shortlist of sites – a report is created and reviewed by three tiers of experienced FCRA-certified analysts. The report is generally available within 1 business day.

What types of things are considered “flagged content”?

Content matched to subject will be reviewed and flagged in the following areas:

  • Potentially Unlawful Activity
  • Potentially Violent Behavior
  • Racism and/or Demonstrations of Intolerance (including misogyny, homophobia, and ableism)
  • Sexually Explicit Material

How can I make an objective hiring decision from someone’s online behavior?

While our reports provide valuable behavioral insight into a candidate, our reports are most useful when put through a standardized adjudication process. Social Intel provides an adjudication training service and policy assessment support so our clients can better navigate a social media background screening program. Contact Us to learn more.

How do I get a report for my candidates or employees?

Social Intel offers over 50+ partnerships with a variety of traditional background screen providers and applicant tracking systems where you can access your reports. Additionally, our simple standard API is available to connect to your proprietary systems. Our platform also includes a manual single or bulk order option, which provides a report alert via email. Request a Sample Report here.

How do I sign up?

Register for a free account here or contact us for volume pricing.

Do I need to get consent to run a social media screening?

Yes. This is mandatory per FCRA. Some states also require specific disclosures as well. Social Intel supports our clients with templates and common best practices.

Is Social Intelligence a consumer-reporting agency?

Yes, we are the only Social Media CRA whose service has been reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission or any regulatory body. View a copy of our Letter of Review from the FTC’s Division of Privacy and Identity Protection here.

Am I breaking the law by doing my social media screenings in-house?

You could be! From hiring managers to HR directors to CEOs, you may be putting your company at risk if you are “Googling” your candidates in-house. Best practice is to have a third party conduct social media screenings and monitoring social media activity on your behalf.

Does Social Intel hack people’s accounts or “friend” them?

Never. Social Intelligence only reviews user generated, publicly available information. Hacking, asking for a password, “friending” or relying on “hearsay” information to make an employment decision could result in legal consequences for your organization. Please consult your legal counsel for specific recommendations for your organization.