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Social Media & Hiring

60% of organizations use social media to screen a job applicant (CareerBuilder’s 2016 Social Media Recruitment Study)

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Companies who view a candidates social media may be breaking laws

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Protect your candidate's privacy while considering behavior outside the interview


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The Social Media Hiring Report

Social Intelligence utilizes a mix of proprietary technology and trained analysts with several years of experience to provide insight into only the most relevant workplace safety areas.

The Social Media Hiring Report will capture any activity on the internet relating to your candidate that is potentially unlawful, potentially violent behavior, racism and/or demonstrations of intolerance, and sexually explicit material.

Having an experienced, narrow focus allows Social Intelligence to protect your candidate's privacy and provide concise, actionable reports for your Human Resources department. This also alleviates anyone at your company from reviewing content that could lead to accusations of discrimination or violations of freedoms.

Similar to a criminal background check, a search on a candidate that results in no negative content will have a "No Pertinent Information" comment displayed on their report.

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Why run a social media screening for your candidate?


Avoid legal landmines by outsourcing your social media screening with a trusted, experienced provider

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Protect your reputation by screening out candidates who would jeopardize your good name.

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Keep your employees safe by ensuring your next hire does not display potentially dangerous workplace behavior.

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Why Social Intelligence?


Thousands of reports per month for 7 years.

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FCRA certified, only SM screener to have thumbs up.

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Our process is designed so that your reports stay consistent and you can make consistent hiring decisions.

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