The Social Intelligence Story

Social Intelligence has spent the last 10 years making workplaces safer, more inclusive, and less toxic by offering bias-free online background screening. Over a thousand companies have trusted our proven solution, thoughtful client centric approach and unblemished legal reputation, highlighted as the only social media screening company to be reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission.


Headquartered in Santa Barbara, our core team cut their teeth in the software and investigative industries, and pioneered the automation of online screening workflow. Social Intelligence’s approach is powered by our team of FCRA-trained analysts who can identify wholly human patterns like parody, sarcasm, or innuendo in flagged content. Day in and day out, we marry content and context so that nothing is misinterpreted or falsely attributed. Our customer team offers a robust client success program which provides an engaging, effective adjudication training program for organizations new to online background checks.


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The Social Intelligence Timeline

Social Intelligence launches the Social Intelligence Report for Hiring and Monitoring, creating the first background check company focused on online content and establishing a new sector in background screening.


The Federal Trade Commission reviews SI’s processes and products. The FTC determines that SI is a consumer reporting agency and that background reports based on user generated online content are accountable to the FCRA. All social media and online background screening firms created after this point have utilized this FTC review as the basis of their own practices.


SI expands partnerships with over 20 traditional background screening companies and retains its first Fortune 500 clients. Forbes, NBC News, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, Fox Business and more news organization share SI’s revolutionary impact on background screening and employment.


Federal organizations begin to tap SI for a variety of security clearance and background investigations. SI broadens partnerships with over 30 traditional background screening firms and HR software companies.


SI has screened over 20,000,000 publicly available websites and social media platforms.


SI celebrates over 350 clients and over 40 partnerships utilizing the Social Intelligence Report for Hiring and Monitoring. A model worthy of emulation, an industry is born as new competitor’s take notice of SI’s success and begin to experiment in the online background screening market.


New product launch “Social Intelligence Report Basic” delivers a first-of-its-kind, technology driven low-cost service that allows employers to get a full social media screening of any candidate, within 24 hours. This scalable new option the opportunity for social media screening to the global retail, on-demand and hospitality industries.


Over 1200 clients served = hundreds of workplaces made safer, more inclusive and less toxic. 60,000,000 websites screened = automated workflows for thousands of risk managers and human resource leaders. And we’re just getting started. Cheers to 10 years!


Meet our President

“What we are doing at Social Intelligence is finding concise ways to draw actionable conclusions in real time without invading someone’s personal life.”

– Bianca Lager

Bianca Lager drives the vision for Social Intelligence to support organizations in accomplishing compliant screening practices alongside the values-based goals of protecting workplace culture and preventing harassment. Bianca is a dedicated volunteer in her community participating regularly in Partners in Education administered by the Santa Barbara County Education Office, where she provides guidance and mentorship for first generation college hopefuls, emphasizing online reputation management and community service as pillars for success. Bianca obtained an MBA from Pepperdine University where she periodically guest lectures. Subscribe to our blog for updates on Bianca’s upcoming educational webinars and industry presentations

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