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What is Social Media Screening?

Social media screening is an automated, AI-driven pre-employment background check. It is based on the candidate’s digital profiles found on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok as well as other online public forums. 

Social media screening offers a deeper level of behavioral insight than background checks, driving records, or any other traditional method. Information found on social media offers HR professionals a current snapshot of a person’s attitude, habits, and behaviors. When used as part of the recruiting process, it offers recruiting teams a more complete idea of who the candidate really is. Ultimately, helping determine if a candidate is a right fit for the organization, or not.

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Here at Social Intelligence

We provide our clients with comprehensive data, but never at the expense of personal privacy. Our FCRA-certified team leverages a proprietary augmented intelligence platform to review and flag content in four business-related categories:

In addition, Social Intelligence is the only solution of its kind to provide the SI Protected Class Safety Feature™. This unique and important feature removes all protected class information before you receive our reports so your candidates and employees can rest assured that their personal life and protected information is not used against them in an employment decision.

For more information, visit our FAQ page or request a sample report.

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How Online Content Affects the Workplace

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Intolerance, sexism, and violence are leading concerns at all levels of the employee lifecycle. Avoid toxic workplace behavior and retain trustworthy contributors for safe, productive workplaces.

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of employers check up on current employees on social media.

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Brand Risk

Loss of reputation is a top concern for CEOs worldwide as online content puts pressure on brands to be consistent with their conduct policies and values. With Social Intel, companies can leverage bias-free data to assess employment risk compliantly and efficiently.

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of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates during hiring process.

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In-house screening drains company resources and is legally risky. Prevent bias by removing the possibility of interacting with an employee’s privately shared and protected information.

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of employers have decided not to hire a candidate based on inappropriate, discriminatory or unsafe content found online.

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How Does it Work?

Step 1: The Candidate

Submit a candidate to Social Intelligence for screening by entering the same information found on their resume. You have an option of running a single query or you can submit a batch via XXX file.

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Step 2: The Search

Our proprietary process combines machine learning technology and FCRA-trained human analysis to better understand an individual’s online risk profile. 

Based on the information you submitted for your candidates or employees, our platform is able to confirm their identity. It then scans publicly available data looking for problematic behavioral content. If adverse content is found, the platform organizes this information into a comprehensive report. 

Step 3: The Report

In a matter of X days, your report is ready and sent to you. The report provides context and detail about the data as well as screenshots of the flagged content. Going one step further, our process also includes an exclusive protected class safety feature, ensuring all irrelevant information is redacted – protecting  parties from discrimination and bias.

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Social Media Screening for
Intelligent Hiring

Smart Data. Intelligent Growth.

Social Media Screening for
Intelligent Hiring

Smart Data. Intelligent Growth.

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How Can My Business Use It



Be it private or public institutions, schools and philanthropic organizations are always held to a higher standard. Social Intel can help schools and nonprofits maintain their reputations and make the classroom a safer place for students.


Money and security make brand risk a paramount concern in finance. Institutions must instill maximum trust to stay profitable and keep the economy pumping along. Social Intel helps businesses in finance hire better talent for a safer, more reputable industry.


HIPAA compliance is vital to your success especially when treating a vulnerable population. Ask us about how healthcare companies are improving workplace safety and compliance by applying social media screening.
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How Much Does it Cost?