The Social Media Hiring Report

The Social Intelligence Social Media Hiring Report will supply you with a fuller understanding of your candidate’s behavior, while protecting privacy rights. Our FCRA certified analysts review content for only negative behavior that covers the most dangerous workplace safety areas: Our social media background check reveals activity that is potentially unlawful, potentially violent behavior, racism and/or demonstrations of intolerance, sexually explicit material, or even workers compensation fraud.

This focused web investigation allows the most respect for your candidate’s privacy and alleviates your employees from performing a cyber investigation that could lead to accusations of discrimination or violations of freedoms.

A social search on a candidate that results in no negative content will have a “No Pertinent Information” comment displayed on their online investigation report.

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Social Intelligence – William Doe did not pass the Social Media Background Check
Social Intelligence – William Doe is gonna get shocked
Social Intelligence – Larsen Doe Keeping it tight
Social Intelligence – Employment Background Screening on Larsen Doe
Social Intelligence – Online Investigation for Jackson Doe
Social Intelligence – Isabel Doe confirmed
Social Intelligence – Accurate search for Isabel Doe

Step 1:


Add a candidate Grant log in credentials to as many users as you need within your organization and add information about your candidate that you would generally find on a resume.

Step 2:


The search. Our algorithms search the web and our trained FCRA certified analysts conduct a cyber investigation and verify the identity of the candidate and begin to review content on matched sites.

Step 3:


Your report is ready to view. Your social media report includes social media scores and examples of negative content found, with privacy and protected information redacted from your view.

Visit our FAQ page for more information or request a sample report.

Why run a social media screening for your candidate?


Avoid legal restrictions by entrusting your social media screening with trusted online private investigators.


Have a sturdy reputation management process by an online investigation of candidates who might stain your name.


Safeguard the workplace by confirming that your next hire does not display behavior that can endanger your employees.

Why Social Intelligence?


A veteran in online data and user-generated content, Social Intelligence conducts thousands of reports monthly since 2010, committed to our core values of privacy, productivity, and innovation.


Social Intelligence is the only social media screening company to have endorsement from the Federal Trade Commission. We are compliant with FCRA as well as Federal and State law to ensure that both individuals and organizations are protected.


Our cyber investigation reports consist of accurate and dependable insight, designed so you can make consistent hiring decisions while protecting your company from accusations of discrimination.