How Online Background Screening Works

Social Media Screening Made Simple

We strive to provide you with a comprehensive idea of who you’re hiring, but never at the expense of their privacy. Since every analyst on our team is FCRA-certified, they only review and flag user-generated content in four primary categories:


  • Racist, Sexist, or Discriminatory Behavior
  • Sexually Explicit Material
  • Threats or Acts of Violence
  • Potentially Illegal Activity


Since we redact all protected class information before you receive our reports, your business doesn’t assume any discrimination or privacy risk when using our screening services.

Visit our FAQ page for more information or request a sample report.

Step 1: The Candidate

Submit a candidate for screening by entering the same information you would find on their resume.

Step 2: The Search

Our software builds a complete web presence profile for your candidate while our analysts verify their identity and review content on matched sites.

Step 3: The Report

Your report is ready. You can review your candidate’s social media scores and examples of negative content found. All protected class information is redacted on the report, for their protection and yours. If we don’t find anything bad, the report will return with a “No Pertinent Information” status.

Want to see the end result?

Why screen social media for your candidates?


Mitigate the risk of discrimination and negligent hiring lawsuits while giving your hiring team the most complete picture of incoming employees.


Safeguard your hard-earned public trust with a reputation management process that effectively identifies candidates who might stain your name.


Protect your current employees and workplace culture by confirming that your next hire does not display violent, predatory, or discriminatory behavior.