Social Media Screening for Intelligent Hiring

Social media background screening can protect brand reputation

Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at the possible implications of a bad hire. We began by exploring financial consequences, and also considered threats to workplace safety. Today we’ll complete the series by focusing on the impact that bad hires can have on your company’s brand reputation. Social media posts can lead to bad publicity… Read more »

Social media screening can reduce the financial implications of a bad hire

Recruitment can be an expensive and lengthy process. Research shows that the average time-to-fill for jobs across all US industries has been rising steadily since 2009. It is important to find candidates who are a good fit for your company with the right qualifications, experience, and personality. Although it is a daunting task to find suitable… Read more »

Have you considered using social media screening in the workplace?

One of our partners, Sterling Talent Solutions, recently published a blog post about social media screening. Their post breaks down some of the potential risks of using social media during the hiring process. They also discuss ways of mitigating those risks. It is well worth the read, but here are a few highlights: Social media is… Read more »