Social Media Screening for Intelligent Hiring

Questions to ask your HR department before running social media searches

Last week we considered a few of the questions that we think would be valuable for an organization to ask their background screening company before they start running social media searches. Today we’ll go through some questions that a company should ask their HR department when considering whether it would be valuable to conduct social… Read more »

Why employers shouldn’t view candidate’s protected class information

As social media usage continues to grow, more employers are starting to recognize the value of using social media as a tool to screen job applicants. A candidate’s online presence can reveal important information about their character. For the most part, potential employees put their best foot forward during a job interview. Yet they may… Read more »

Social Intelligence participates in Women in Tribal Gaming Symposium

On February 13th, Social Intelligence attended the Women in Tribal Gaming Symposium held in Cabazon, CA. The event was a joint endeavor between Morongo Tribal Gaming Agency and the Tribal Gaming Protection Network, a professional networking group within tribal gaming. Approximately 200 tribal attendees participated in the symposium designed to “bring awareness to women in… Read more »

Social media hiring reports can improve workplace safety

Last week we started a series examining the possible implications of a bad hire. We began by exploring some of the financial ramifications. Today we’ll focus on how bad hires can pose a threat to workplace safety, and how conducting social media searches can reduce those threats. Unfortunately, regardless of whether you have personally experienced… Read more »

How our social media hiring reports can protect your company

In January 2016, We Are Social released a report showing that there are 2.31 billion active social media users in the world. It is not just millennials using social media either.  Everyone from parents to grandparents are on Facebook and Twitter these days. At this point it appears that social media is here to stay…. Read more »

Trump and Clinton fail Social Intelligence background checks

Election season is winding down, and just about everyone has been buzzing about the respective presidential campaigns for months. In many ways, considering who to elect as president is similar to the process of vetting candidates for any job. Several weeks ago, CNET reached out to Social Intelligence. They asked us to complete an abbreviated version… Read more »

Welcome to the new Social Intelligence website!

Welcome to our new website! With customer feedback in mind, we’ve made some design changes to make the site easier to navigate and understand. Now you can find information about our social media reports, frequently asked questions, and information about our company with just one click. Along with our new site, we are also launching a… Read more »