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Carpe Data – Next Generation Insurance Data


Carpe Data is spinning off from Social Intelligence to focus solely on providing the next generation of data to the insurance industry. Stay tuned for a press release with more detail or contact for more information.

Carpe Data provides next generation data, predictive social scoring, and alternative insurance data products to life insurance and P&C companies. Using the social web, content online, wearables, IOT connected devices, and other forms of Next Generation Data – Carpe Data’s products allows insurers to more accurately predict risk and fraud. Our team of social media experts and data scientists always strive to innovate with new products that meet ever changing customer habits that shape the digital landscape.

The Carpe Data team is composed of social investigation experts, web and online data experts, and professional data scientists. The founders are working hard to innovate the insurance industry for the past 15 years. In the commitment to deliver unique data legally and with consumer privacy in mind, the guidelines FCRA are outlined are followed to the dot in order to be compliant with Federal and State Law.